How Long Do Airpods Last?

Want to know How Long Do Airpods Last? Here we have a detailed guide for you. After Apple released its AirPods in 2020, it was able to sell more than a million pairs. Its unique wireless design had fascinated several users. The AirPods has a lot of features. Given its features, it is very expensive. As the price is very high for an earphone, many people want to know about the average time that this device will work. This is a genuine question that comes to one’s mind when you are buying a costly product.

So in this article, we will try giving a very detailed answer to this question. We will see all the aspects around this article and also give many important pieces of information regarding it. We will see several things and try judging how long will the AirPods last. This article is going to be very detailed and so read it till the very end.


How Long Do Airpods Last?

Usually, when AirPods are bought they are very good state to use. But with time the quality of its decline very quickly. The time for which your AirPods last does depend a lot upon how you are using it? If you are using it in extreme weather then it is bound to get damaged quickly. The battery of the AirPods is the first thing that can get damaged.

The constant charging and discharging can lead to the degradation of the battery. Every rechargeable battery passes through the same problem. The batteries have a limited number of charge cycles. But the batteries used in AirPods are of good quality and will last more than the other batteries.

In general, the first and second-generation AirPods do last for about 2 years. They can also last for more time depending on the way you use them. It also depends on the climate in which you are using the AirPods. In extreme weather, they are bound to get damaged quicker.

Generally, the battery of the iPhone has about 400-500 charge cycles. Taking calls from AirPods damages the electronics faster. This is why it is recommended not to take your call from your phone.

So to sum everything finally, on average it lasts for about 2 years but it depends on how you are using it. It also depends on the climate of the place. It can also happen that the device gets damaged before 2 years. While if you are properly using it then it can also last much more than 2 years.

How To extend the lifespan of AirPods?

In this subsection, we shall be seeing how you can extend the lifespan of AirPods. We see several ways by which you can extend the lifespan of AirPods. These are small maintenance tips by which you can use the AirPods for a long time.

Keep your AirPods more in your case than outside. The case is designed to protect the AirPods from all external damages. The first thing you should do is to reduce the volume of your phone when you hear it.  Reducing the volume gives lesser pressure to the electronics. This also is good for your ears. Avoid your AirPods from going to zero. Discharging to zero and then recharging it, puts a lot of pressure on the battery.

Prevent your AirPods from dropping frequently. You should keep your earplugs in a place where they do not fall. Keep them at a place where you do not step on them accidentally. If you are having the latest version of the Apple iPhone use the optimized battery charging feature. This features limits the time for which you can use the AirPods while being fully charged.

Switch off those features which you do not require always. These features unnecessarily consume more power. This is why it is very much recommended to switch off the external features. Features like noise cancellation and transparency features are not used always. This is why it is required to switch off the device. This reduces the pressure in the electronics of the AirPods. It will also increase the life of the device.

What to do When your AirPods are Damaged?

There might be a situation where your AirPods got damaged. In this situation, you can do several things. Below we are going to talk about those things in detail. If the AirPods are damaged or are accidentally damaged by you then you can do the following things.

You should first send them a mail telling them about the damage done. Or you can directly take your AirPods to the nearest Apple support store. The Apple support people can provide the necessary solutions to the problem. For this, you need to get your Apple serial ID or the invoice. If your AirPods are well within their warranty date then you can get them repaired for free.

In case your AirPods have broken and it is out of their expiry date, then you are in for a problem. You have to pay the money and replace it.

1. What are the Other Options?

Here we will see the otherwise decisions you can take other than AirPods. AirPods have several problems. Generally in any kind of wireless earphone, there are problems with its battery life. These products do not last for long but are very expensive. This is why it is recommended to go for a different product.

You should better go for another wired headphone option. Wired headphones last longer as they have no battery in them. This is also cheaper than the wireless one.

If you want to buy wireless earbuds then you should go for those wireless earphones which are repairable. These are those headphones that are more modular. Samsung Galaxy Pro is a more repairable earphone.

You can rather use Bluetooth-based headphones. There are headphones of Sony which are very good in quality. You can use them if you want. These are some of the other options you have.


I think you got a very rational answer to the question “how long do AirPods last?”. In this article, I have given a detailed answer considering various aspects. It is recommended to go for a Galaxy pod instead as they are more repairable. I can also say that you should look for cheaper wired earphones. This is far much better. Hope you found this article helpful.

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