Top 9 Apps Like Panda Helper [Download Alternatives]

Many of us like panda helper but just be limited to panda helper. There are many alternative apps to panda helper. In this article, we will tell you the top 9alternatives or apps like panda helper. Panda helper is a 3rd party app store that provides us hacked/mobbed games, tweaked apps, and paid apps for free. There you can find any android or iOS apps and games. The installation process is also very simple where you don’t need to root or jailbreak while installing the apps and games. The updates are also regular and you are notified as soon as it is released by the developers of the initial version.

Top 9 Apps Like Panda Helper in 2022

Panda helper is the best app 3rd party app store but being open to various 3rd party app stores is even better as it provides you choices. You can switch to these apps when facing issues with panda helper. So here is the list of the top 9 apps like panda helper.

1. ACMarket

It is one of the most popular android app stores for hacked/mobbed apps. Unfortunately, this apps is not available for iOS users. If you are using an android then you must go and explore this site. Almost every tweaked/hacked/morphed apps can be found here. The interface is quite cool and easy to navigate.

2. TweakBox

Widely used 3rd party app store. You can use it both on android and ios devices. You can see various emulators on this app. What makes it easy to use is its user-friendly interface and the availability of almost every tweaked app. The download speed provided by this app is considered among the best 3rd party app stores.

3. Mojo installer

A very popular 3rd part app available for ios devices. With an enormous collection of mobbed/hacked/tweaked apps. The good news is that you don’t even jailbreak your ios device. It is particularly designed for non-jailbreaker devices. The apps are easy to use with a simple interface just like the original app store.

4. Emus4u

This app is available for both android and ios devices. You can download all the available tweaked apps for free here. The UI of this app is quite nice and clear. Jailbreak is also not needed for your device. It comes with very additional features like ‘junk cleaner‘ etc . just by simply installing a single package, the device will adjust to it.

5. Sileo

This app is specific for ios devices and is one of the biggest competitors of panda helper. It provides applications for all the versions of ios. Its interface is very much similar to that of panda helper that is the reason it is considered the biggest competitor of panda helper.

6. App valley

It contains a whole variety of tweaked/mobbed/hacked apps for free. It is available for both android and ios. It has the most simple and cool interface. It also gives the updates of the apps installed from it the very same day it is announced by original providers. It also comes with dark mode which is everyone’s favorite these days.

7. Asterix Installer

This apps gives a variety of tweaked/hacked/mobbed games. The good news is, it is available for both ios and android. You can locate all your tweaked games and find out and use them. The UI is also easy to understand. All these mobbed/tweaked/mobbed games are available for free. The interface is also very easy to use and navigate through. It can also be used to customize your device according to you.

8. 25pp

This 3rd party app is only for ios devices. You can find any app here which cannot be found anywhere else. All the tweaked/hacked/mobbed games are available here for free. The limitation of this app is that you have to first jailbreak your device then use it. If your device is not jailbroken then use some other app. Also before changing the language to English.

9. Tutu app

It is a popular 3rd party app store with a humungous variety of apps and games available for free. This app consists of original as well as mobbed versions of apps. This app is available only for ios devices. Fortunately, you don’t need to jailbreak your ios devices to use it. This app is easy to navigate and the interface is also easy to use.

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We have given you all the best 3rd party app stores and all the apps like Panda helper. If you have any doubt regarding any app please do let us know in the comments. hoping that you liked our article.

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